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7 Tips On How To Set Up NETGEAR Wireless Router

7 Tips On How To Set Up NETGEAR Wireless Router

Setting up a Netgear wireless router can sometimes be tricky, most especially when it comes to the Netgear Genie SetupBut the good thing is that you’ll enjoy its work to the fullest if after being successfully set up.

So, are you wondering how to set up your Netgear wireless router but you couldn’t? Or is it that you’ve been searching up and down the internet on how to set up your wireless router but you couldn’t find a better remedy? No need to go far as all you need is right here within your reach. In other to cut the long story short, in this article I will be giving some 7 tips on how to set up Netgear wireless router  

7 Tips on how to set up NETGEAR Wireless Router

Setting up the Netgear wireless router is quite tricky but it’s also simple on either way round. All you have to do is to connect your wireless router with your wireless devices which you want to connect it with and then thereafter, you should ensure an active internet connection. 

To get the ball rolling quickly, below are some tips to know while setting up your Netgear wireless router without the help of the Netgear support

  1. Remove the power cable from your home router: – If you are about to configure or install your Netgear wireless router for the first time, you have to disconnect your home router totally and as well remove the Ethernet cable which may be used to connect your home network and your router to use the Netgear router. 
  2. Remove any backup batteries: – Removing all backup batteries is so much necessary while setting up the NetGear wireless router to ensure successful connection and installation. Furthermore, wait for some seconds and then return the power to the modem. 
  3. Connect your modem to your router: – You can connect your modem to your router by using the Ethernet cable. To connect your modem with the help of the Ethernet cable, you have to observe the following

  • Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem 
  • Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the back of the router

4. Plug the router to a power source: – If after you might have observed the above-listed instructions given earlier, now at this point you have to switch on your router. You can turn on your router by pressing the power button which is behind the router. If after you may have turned on the router, the power led will automatically turn on to indicate that the router is on and active

5. Leave the Router to boot up: – If after turning on the router, you should wait for some minutes for the router to boot. But the question is; how will you know if the router has fully booted up? The power led light and the Ethernet led light automatically turn solid green color. This indicates that the router is fully active and it’s ready to be paired with other devices. 

6. Get the unique preset internet settings of your Router: – The preset internet setting of your router is a unique setting for your router. This helps in setting your router wirelessly via a wireless device. 

7. Install your router with a wireless device: – You can successfully configure your router wirelessly by following the below-listed steps: 

  • Search for the available Wi-Fi network: – Find the network names available in the list of the available Wi-Fi network and then click on the Netgear network
  • Enter your network password: – After clicking on the network, you can now enter your unique password and after which your router and your wireless device get connected. To know the password to use; check beneath or behind your router and there you’ll find the password as well as the other preset internet settings of your router such as the SSID, the Password and so on. The setting is unique to your Router therefore, they won’t be changed. 
  • Open your browser: – Open your browser after a successful pairing of your internet and the Netgear installation page will automatically get displayed on your browser. Then you can now finish the complete setup by following the profound instructions on the website.

Note: – 

By following the above-listed steps, you should now be able to complete your Netgear Genie setupBut if in a case whereby you are unable to set up your Netgear wireless router after going through the whole setup steps, then I’ll suggest that you should contact the Netgear Support for advanced and professional tips on how to set up NETGEAR Wireless Router. 

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