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How To Setup NETGEAR EX7000 Wi-Fi Range Extender

How to Setup NETGEAR EX7000 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Are you a new or existing Netgear customer and you need to set up your NETGEAR EX7000 Wi-Fi Range Extender? 

Well, you have no reason to worry at all because here in this article, I will be highlighting some basics steps on how to setup Netgear EX7000 Wi-Fi range extender. Butbefore I let the cat out of the bag, I will like to let you know that Netgear Is a fast-growing wifi extender that has produced quite several network extenders and they have been so much amazing all through. 

How it works: –

  1. It helps in increasing the speed of your home Wi-Fi signal.
  2. It makes browsing easier and makes you want to access the internet over and over again. 
  3. It manipulates your Wi-Fi signal speed. 
  4. It draws near network signals to you.
  5. It makes you be able to browse in an area having poor radio signals. 

How to Setup NETGEAR EX7000 Wi-Fi Range Extender

You can easily set up your EX7000 either by wired or wirelessly. It’s very easy to go by, all you have to do is to follow the steps below. But if you are having any difficulty in setting this amazing extender up after going throw the steps below, just call the Netgear Support Service for more tips and professional instructions on how to setup Netgear EX7000 Wi-Fi range extender

  • Connect your PC to the EX7000 using wired or remote association.
  • Wired: – Utilize an Ethernet link to associate your PC to one of the accessible Ethernet ports of the EX7000.
  • Wireless: – Utilize your Wi-Fi organize chief on your remote PC or any Wi-Fi gadget to interface with NETGEAR_EXT Wi-Fi arrange.
  • Once associated, the Gadget to Extender Drove will go to strong green.
  • Open a web program.
  • Click NEW EXTENDER Arrangement.
  • Complete the Extender Arrangement screen and snap Straightaway.
  • Note: This record is for your EX7000’s GUI username and secret word and secret key recuperation.
  • Select Wi-Fi Range Extender.
  • Select your Wi-Fi to arrange that you wish to expand and click Straightaway.

Note. On the off chance that your switch doesn’t bolster the 5Ghz band if it’s not too much trouble uncheck the 5Ghz choice before clicking Straightaway.

  • Enter your system key or passphrase and click Straightaway.
  • You can change the SSID and passphrase of your Wi-Fi Range Extender or simply utilize the equivalent existing system secret key. Snap by spare the settings.
  • After sparing the settings, associate your remote gadgets to the EX7000 SSID before clicking Proceed.
  • The extender is presently effectively associated with your current Wi-Fi organize. Snap by continue.
  • Fill out the item enrolment structure to approach item bolsters, programming update notices, and data on new items. In the wake of achieving the structure, click Finish.

Note: If your gadget is as of now enlisted or on the off chance that you wish to do it later, you can snap on Skip or better still you can contact the Netgear Support Service for more information and help. 

Your EX7000 is currently appropriately set up as a Wi-Fi range extender. You can likewise utilize its Ethernet ports to associate your wired gadgets, for example, gaming reassures, Savvy television, or work stations.

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