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Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup

Netgear Genie is likewise a tool or a wireless application that you can install on any of your devices and enables ease connection and as well makes it easy to control the home network from a Smartphone, tablet or PC. In short, you can manage your NetGear devices and their configurations every time so that you won’t have to access your Netgear router utilizing the IP address.

How it works

Below are the incomparable things you can use your Netgear genie with: –

  • Modify the network settings
  • Diagnosing of network issues
  • Setting up parental controls to protect little children from watching adult website contents that may corrupt the child.
  • It aids in fast and easy wireless connection
  • You can as well be able to monitor the amount number of people that are making use of your Wi-Fi connection to know who is also using your wireless network. Etc.

All you just have to do is to get the application download and installed on your respective devices, be it a Smartphone, tablet as well as a PC.

How to connect with Netgear genie smart wizard?

Netgear Genie wizard remains pretty straightforward to operate, although most of the time Netgear extender users encounter some errors while setting it up. No issues, here are some steps that can help you with the whole setup process.

Step 1

Endeavor to make sure your wireless device is attached to the Netgear device.

Step 2

Open your web browser visit the website by following the web-link to set up the Netgear Genie smart wizard or better still you can contact us at our customer care representative toll-free number via 1-866-539-3032.

Step 3

Follow the profound steps to log in with your default credentials such has; your username and your password.

Step 4

Open the Setup page of Genie and then adjust the technical setting according to what you want.

Importance of the Netgear Genie Wizard Setup
Agility Test

The agility test requires two methods for examining the speed on Netgear Genie Setup. The first method measures how quick your PC can download the website content, while the other measures your ISP broadband rate

Parental Control

The parental control enables little children to be protected from watching adult website contents that may corrupt the child. If initially you select Parental Controls on the Home screen, genie always confirms if the feature is supported on your router.

Guest Network

The visitor system empowers others to use your remote switch to get to the Internet however not content on different PCs or gadgets on a similar system. You can undoubtedly change the remote settings for the Guest network without signing in to the interface of your switch by clicking the modify button.

Network Map

Snap-on Network Map to see the switch’s Internet associations and the gadgets that are associated with your switch. A decent association appears in green. A red line shows an association that it isn’t working.
On the off chance that you select the “Tell me of new gadgets that associate with my system” checkbox, at that point each time another gadget joins your system, you will get a notice on this PC through the NETGEAR genie application.

Wireless Settings

You can review the present fundamental remote settings for your switch, including the remote name (SSID), the channel determination, and the secret key if your system utilizes remote security.

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